Cockroaches carry many harmful diseases like diphtheria, typhoid, etc and hence are risky pests to have in the house. Additionally, cockroaches carry allergens which are the reason for asthma, eczema and other such diseases in the urban areas. All these reasons make cockroaches distasteful pests to have.  Sadly, cockroaches breed in Indian houses all through the year because of our climate that is suitable for them. Therefore, a swift response through cockroach pest control treatment is essential to get rid of these disease carrying pests.

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Effects Of Cockroaches On Health

Wherever cockroaches travel, they leave traces from their body. The common signs of cockroaches in the household are traces feces, saliva, and their body parts which they shed or fall off on their own. These body parts contain specific proteins or allergens that cause harmful allergies or triggers asthma. In addition to the proteins, cockroaches carry pathogens in their bodies which can cause serious diseases like Salmonella Typhi which causes typhoid, Poliomylitis that causes polio, and dysentery which causes chronic diarrhea with bleeding.

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Our professional cockroach pest control service technicians are trained to deal with cockroaches as a part of their Integrated Pest Management program. This offers the customer a sure shot pest control treatment for cockroaches.

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At Our pest control services, you get 100% results at affordable prices. To begin with we provide free of cost inspection for the area and use only organic and eco-friendly chemicals as a safer practice.

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