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Did you know that bed bugs can come into your houses through your luggage, clothes, bags, etc?  By carrying just one female bed bug, you can breed an entire colony. Though they are less known for carrying diseases, they are famous to cause irritation and discomfort because of the itchiness that is caused when they contact our bodies physically. Thankfully, at Viluna, we have an effective bed bugs pest control solutions to this problem.

Bed Bugs Control Service

Diseases Carried By Bed Bugs

Allergic reactions: Though individual reaction to a bed bugs bite is different, affected person can exhibit mild to extreme allergic reactions. There can also be a burning sensation near the affected area.

Itching: Itching is the most common problem associated with the bed bugs bite. The itching can be severe or mild depending on the mild. Bed bugs usually bite in clusters which causes intense itching for several days.
Infections: Although they not known for spreading infections, scratching the bitten area excessively can open the wound to cause infection. If not treated quickly, these wounds can get infected. It can also cause secondary complications like impetigo, lymphangitis, and ecthyma.

Insomnia: Fear of bites causes this fear. Presence of bed bugs can make people very anxious, depriving them of sleep. This leads to reduced deficiency and increases panic and stress levels.

Our Bed Bugs Control Service

Wherever their presence is in your house, Our bed bug pest control program will provide you a guaranteed solution. However, we advise you to use our Integrated Pest Management approach (IPM) and do proactive checks as an early detection. This will prevent the bugs from spreading in your house.

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For 100% results at affordable prices, choose Our pest control services. We provide free of cost inspection and use only organic and eco-friendly chemicals in the process.

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