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Termites are a group of insects that mostly feed on dead plant materials, with the ability to digest cellulose. Ecologically, termites are important for nutrient recycling. In human society, however, they are viewed as pests because they cause damage to wooden structures and bring economic loss to property owners.


Cockroaches carry many harmful diseases like diphtheria, typhoid, etc and hence are risky pests to have in the house. Additionally, cockroaches carry allergens which are the reason for asthma, eczema and other such diseases in the urban areas. 

Rats Control Service


Rodents cause nuisance in the house with their need to chew on hard objects like plastic pipes and electrical wires. This may result in short circuit and fires. They also transfer a number of diseases. 

Bed Bugs

Did you know that bed bugs can come into your houses through your luggage, clothes, bags, etc?  By carrying just one female bed bug, you can breed an entire colony. Though they are less known for carrying diseases, they are famous to cause irritation and discomfort because of the itchiness that is caused when they contact our bodies physically.

Bed Bugs Control Service
Wood Borers Control Service

Wood Borers

The word “wood borer” is a wide term that covers many beetles like Auger, Jewel, Stag and Pinhole Borers. Wood borers are essentially wood damaging insects that damage the structures based on the moisture content for the wood. Because of this, all spaces constructed or containing wood are in danger. 

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